Cervical Spondylosis

Dear Dr. Middleton,

I am writing to thank you so much for the treatment you gave to me for Cervical Spondylosis.
The arthritic pain I was experiencing was going into my head and literally driving me crazy,
making me tired and very de-motivated. I had been experiencing this for over 10 years and
had seen many different practitioners, both mainstream and alternative, without any relief whatsoever.

Your diagnosis was spot-on and the treatment gave me relief within a few short sessions.

Kind Regards,

John T


I would not be walking today

Scott Middleton has a unique gift and understanding of our problems. I would not be walking today if it were not for him.

Louise F – Cheshire


Back Problems

Over the past couple of years I have attended the Salford Chiropractic clinic on many occasions. Having suffered from back problems for twenty years I have attended many different chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Without question none were as successful as the treatment from the Salford Chiropractic clinic.

I noticed an immediate improvement on completion of my treatment which made a huge difference to the way I move in general.

Not only was the treatment successful, the follow-up advice to reduce the risk of future problems was excellent.

I have no hesitation in recommending my friends.

Mary B


Knee Injury & Toothache!

I have visited Scott many times over the last 3 years or so, and in fact I view the Chiropractor as I do my GP now. The results have been amazing, especially when some conditions have either not resolved themselves, or have eluded even my Physio who I have always had great faith in. I am fairly active in terms of fitness, and you tend to accept some injury as part of the game but I am truly amazed at what I have learnt from Scott in terms of the body’s inter-relation.

A recent knee injury had caused me months of pain and the Physio, nor I, could find the issue. After it became severe enough to cause me to limp, I decided to see if Scott had a different view. To be honest I didn’t think it would be something he could help with. After one visit and some manipulation, firstly I was able to walk properly again, but moreover that evening suffered significant tooth ache. Coincidentally though earlier in the waiting room I had been reading that tooth ache was one of the things that could be treated. I asked Scott about it next visit, at which point he pulled out one of many large books and thumbed to Chapter 10, which showed how the knee was indirectly connected to the jaw. Unbelievably, my tooth ache was directly linked to the ‘reset’ my body had experienced. Incredible!

Nigel P


Debilitating lower back pain

After the misery of suffering from debilitating lower back pain which also affected my left leg (sciatica) considerably for 2 months, I booked an appointment with Dr Scott Middleton. After 4 weekly visits to Dr Middleton’s clinic in September 2010, my back was significantly improved, and after 4 weeks of stretching exercises at home, I now feel 100% ok. A big thanks to Scott for his expert isolation of my medical problem, simplified explanation of my problem and treatment plan and for putting it completely right and within the timescale he predicted and with wonderful good humour throughout. I would recommend Dr Middleton to anybody suffering from the misery of sciatica.

Rob D


Persistent Neck Pain

I had been suffering with persistent neck and back problems for  years and dealt with it with regular, and all too frequent, treatments from a physiotherapist. This never actually seemed to work effectively and at one point I was being treated  a few times a month – very frustrating not to mention costly! My wife suggested Scott and after a couple of treatments the improvement was marked. Moreover, I only have problems once or twice a year now – the chiropractic treatment certainly appears to have more longevity. I was lucky though that in Scott I had found a chiropractor at the very top of his profession.

Rick L



I have been a patient of Dr Middleton for many years mostly with lower back problems as i am a keen golfer    but recently i have been suffering with headaches for no obvious reasons.   I approached Dr Middleton even though i was not aware he could do anything for headaches  but after  a few brief spells of treatment he has put me right  so much so i have recommended some of my friends for his treatment and they are and i Quote “OVER THE MOON”  so for me  he definitely has the “MIDAS TOUCH”      -  Pain Free Patient


I can’t praise Scott highly enough for his help in resolving my teenage (14) daughter’s bladder problem.
We were offered no explanation as to the sudden nature  or the cause of the problem by the hospital consultant she was referred to at first.  All she got was an  empty assurance that it would “sort itself out eventually” and she was given ineffective medication.
She became very self conscious and withdrawn  when she experienced these regular episodes of incontinence and her confidence was at an all time low.  Her attendance at school was poor and her studies suffered.
After consulting Scott,  she received effective treatment  as well as support from him.
Along with this came  a diagnosis and explanation of her problem that had been so lacking previously.  
Understanding the cause and knowing that there is an almost immediate, drug free, treatment  for her when the need  arises has made such a difference to her psychological approach to the whole issue. Her confidence  has improved dramatically, and I am thrilled to see that change in her.   Thank You Scott !
Gail S.