Contact Details

Dr Scott Middleton & Associates
Wilmlsow Chiropractic Clinic
15 Lindow Parade
Chapel Lane

Tel: 01625 531164
Fax: 01625 549616



There are three full time Doctors of chiropractic consulting at the two clinics:

  • Dr Scott Middleton
  • Dr Gowan Robinson
  • Dr Lindsay Beardsworth

In addition, Dr Adrian (former consultant pathologist, toxicologist, retired veterinary surgeon and practicing homoeopath) consults at the Wilmslow clinic. Dr Adrian advises and treats patients with medical problems and illnesses that are appear to be resistant to the normal medication and medical protocols. Please telephone him either at the Wilmlsow clinic - 01625 531164 - or at his London clinic - 0208 676 0263 - to discuss your particular problem.


Scott is continuing the case series study on the treatment of children with enuresis (bed-wetting) and is delighted that his new treatment approach has shown a 64.7% success rate.

All children suffering from either enuresis (bladder incontinence problems) or encopresis (bowel incontinence problems)  are treated free of charge.

Parents should contact Scott directly to discuss their child’s individual problem.