Why a chiropractor?

Chiropractic in Britain is regulated by the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). All chiropractors must therefore be registered with the GCC. This is the equivalent of the General Medical Council (GMC) for GP’s. In addition all chiropractors working at our clinics are members of the British Chiropractic Association. This is the equivalent of the British Medical Association (BMA) for GP’s.

The public are protected by the 1994 Chiropractic Act of Parliament.

Originally started in the 19th Century, the Chiropractic profession is now very large - the third largest primary health care profession in the world - outnumbered only by medical doctors and dentists.

Well over 90% of all the patients in the world who are having manipulative treatment... are having treatment from chiropractors. Their specialised degree courses and long clinical training ensures that chiropractors are highly trained experts in both diagnosis and gentle, specific manipulation.

Confusion can arise because practitioners of some other therapies sometimes now tell their patients that “they can manipulate as well”.... or even “they can do what chiropractors can do” !

Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Alan Gardner FRCS lecturing at an International Chiropractic Conference in London stated that these practitioners who attempt to manipulate but who did not have the specialist diagnostic skills of a Doctor of Chiropractic were “clinically blindfolded”. They are unable to diagnose the underlying problem; they do not know what they are trying to treat; they do not know when not to treat; they don't know when to refer back to the GP; and of course their poor results reflect this delete lack of knowledge.

Remember that it is illegal for these therapists to pretend that they are qualified to diagnose and use chiropractic manipulation.

Amateurish attempts at treatment not only fail to help, but the delay in receiving appropriate treatment can sometimes result in serious complications. In the case of undiagnosed pathology, this delay can be extremely serious.

Also beware the practitioners of any type who ask patients to go back again and again for inept treatments... to make “regular appointments”... sometimes dozens and dozens of times... for many years! Remember that no reputable practitioner would ask a patient to continue with treatment that is obviously not giving good quality, fast and effective results....