So what is proper chiropractic manipulation?

This is a complicated science that takes many years of study to master.

The exact diagnosis is initially made by careful case history; orthopaedic and neurological examination; and expert palpation of the relevant region. Sometimes further medical tests may be necessary. These can include MRI, blood tests or X-rays, etc.

Once the exact diagnosis has been made, it becomes obvious to the chiropractor which type of treatment is the most appropriate for that individual problem.

If appropriate, treatment can be started immediately.

If the problem requires another specialist’s opinion or concurrent GP’s advice, then with the patient’s permission, a written report is made to the GP recommending the most appropriate investigations and/or treatment.

Scott Middleton has a standard protocol for the vast majority of patients - regardless of whether their pains are short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic). This protocol is very simple...

The majority of patients should both be feeling better and be able to pass the orthopaedic and neurological tests more easily within four (4) treatments.

Any person who has been having more than four treatments from a practitioner of any type should ask themselves and the practitioner the question... “Why?”

Anyone who has had more than four treatments at another clinic should seriously consider stopping the treatment as it is probably not working, and seek a second opinion.